Helping You Achieve Balance

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 Acupuncture Healing Corner is dedicated to helping patients heal with a natural approach based on the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most ancient healing systems. TCM is unique in the fact that it treats each individual as a whole, instead of by one symptom or problem. By approaching the body as an integrative system that needs to maintain balance, TCM and acupuncture treat the root of an issue instead of just an outward symptom. 

You more than likely found yourself thinking about acupuncture for a few reasons. Our bodies are continually healing themselves. Well, what happens when we put too much on our plates or we get an injury? Our society today has the mentality to push through whatever is in our path and keep going. Sometimes we do not take enough time to take care of ourselves whether it be physically or mentally. This may be a time when you start considering your options and turn to a more alternative, holistic approach to your healthcare and well-being. You may have found yourself considering acupuncture and Chinese medicine if:

  • You can't seem to help but feel like you never feel 100% whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally.
  • You always find yourself stressed out
  • You are constantly fatigued
  • Having difficulty sleeping or obtaining a good quality of sleep 
  • You are in chronic pain
  • You feel like you have tried everything and cannot get the results you would like to achieve
  • You are ready to take your health into your own hands

Our bodies are magnificent organisms. They are programed in a way to maintain homeostasis. Keeping this in mind, think about how many microsystems are working within our bodies to keep the whole system going. For the most part our bodies are very good at multitasking and keeping all the systems in working order. But with every day factors such as stress, pain, environment, or illness our body may not be able to work at peak capacity at all times. This is where TCM steps in to help the body heal itself. We all have the ability to self heal. Acupuncture and other TCM modalities just give our bodies a boost in doing so. 

  If any of the above ring true, don't hesitate get the ball rolling and start asking how acupuncture can help you get on the track to recovering a healthy lifestyle.